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Emergency Care Summary (ECS)

What is an Emergency Care Summary (ECS) ?

All patients in Scotland have, or will have something called an Emergency Care Summary.  This is a summary of basic information about your health which might be important if
you need urgent medical care when your GP surgery is closed, or when you go to an accident and emergency department. It means that all NHS staff looking after you
can get important information about your health, even if they cannot contact your GP surgery.

Your ECS contains the following information

  • Your name
  • Your date of birth
  • The name or your GP surgery
  • An identifying number called a CHI number Information about any medicines prescribed by your GP surgery
  • Any bad reactions you’ve had to medicines that your GP knows about

Your ECS is copied from your GP’s computer system and stored electronically. NHS staff can then find it quickly if they need to see it.

Who can look at my Emergency Care Summary?

  • NHS staff can look at your ECS on computer if they need to treat you when your GP surgery is closed. They must ask you if you agree to this before they
    look at your information.
  • If you agree, only the following staff will be able to look at your ECS
    • Doctors, nurses and receptionists in out-of-hours medical centres.
    • Staff at NHS 24 who are involved in your care.
    • Staff in hospital accident and emergency departments.
  • In the future, ambulance staff may also be able to look at your ECS.
  • If you are unconscious, NHS staff may look at your ECS without your agreement. This is so they can give you the best possible care.

How do I know that the information in my ECS is secure?

  • The NHS stores your ECS electronically using the highest standards of security.
  • Only NHS staff directly involved in your medical care will be allowed to look at your ECS.
  • NHS staff can only look at your ECS if they have a password that allows them to.
  • A record will be kept of everyone who has looked at your ECS.

What if I’m nor sure that I want an ECS?

  • If you don’t want an ECS to be made for you, tell your GP surgery.
  • Don’t forget that if you do have an ECS, you will be asked if staff can look at it every time they need to. You don’t have to agree to this.

Can I see my ECS?

  • If you would like to see your ECS, ask your GP to print it out for you to have a look at.
  • If you think anything is wrong, ask for it to be changed.

More Information

For further information visit the NHS Care records website

Download the opt out form >>>>


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